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Latest Issue

Dividends on Offense

April 12, 2024

This week continues our series on dividends and dividend growth stocks. This is one part of my strategy to try to get through what I see as a coming crisis by the end of the decade with as much of my buying power as intact as possible.

As before, David Bahnsen will be writing this section, and who better? He literally wrote the best and easiest to read book on dividend growth strategies, The Case for Dividend Growth. The many Amazon reviews reflect my own admiration. I let David and his research team pick my dividend growth stocks because I really don’t like exhaustive research on scores of stocks and they are really good at it. You can, however, read his analysis and do it yourself, if you are so inclined.

But before we dive into dividends, let me share some new additions to the Strategic Investment Conference. Our 20th anniversary event is really shaping up into something special. I think I have done more work on setting up this conference than any of the previous 19. What a lineup. I can’t wait to hear the inimitable Felix Zulauf, legendary Swiss money manager and billionaire whose macro views have been uncannily right over the last decades. Always one of the highest-rated speakers, this will be one presentation you will want to review again on video and through the transcript. And Grant Williams as interviewer will get the best out of Felix.

Here's a name you likely do not know. Britt Harris just retired at the CEO of the University of Texas/Texas A&M University...

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