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Latest Issue

The Survival of the Republic

November 24, 2023

Thanksgiving brings to mind not only turkeys, family, and friends, but also should help us recall the remarkable ideas and philosophies that helped shape, and indeed were, the foundation for the United States of America as a Republic.

In that spirit, we will forgo for this week the series we have been exploring on cycles and the examination of budgets and deficits, debt and taxes, and the future crisis they will bring if not dealt with. Rather, let’s reflect on what we want our world to look like after that crisis. What should be our guiding principles?

Most of us are aware that the founding fathers read Locke, Hume, Smith, et al. But not many of us are aware that there was another series of papers that were just as influential as the works of more famous philosophers. They were clearly a part of the background for the Federalist Papers and, later, our Constitution.

My friend Joe Lonsdale, most well-known for his prodigious and successful venture capital efforts (Palantir, Anduril, Oculus, software, healthcare, etc.) and founder of 8VC, which manages $6 billion in early-stage startups, also writes and hosts a podcast on a wide range of topics. He also founded The Cicero Institute, a pro-liberty think tank and activist group focused on changing things at the state level. They have been very successful.

This week, he writes about Cato’s letters, a series of 144 writings published between 1720 and 1723 in London on government and corruption and what is necessary for...

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